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Saint Petersburg, FL
Saint Petersburg Florida 187015




Welcome to IV2ME. We are the premier mobile IV therapy provider in St. Pete, Clearwater and Pinellas Park. We also serve the entire Pinellas County, including Tampa Bay. Our dedicated team is here to boost your wellness on the go. Dive into our rejuvenating IV therapy treatments services in Pinellas county or Tampa, bolster your body's defenses with our immunity boosters, or experience the revitalizing effects of our exclusive NAD+ IV package and more! Wether at your home, Office, or hotel, let IV2ME bring optimal hydration and wellness directly to you.


About Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, formerly known as Petrograd and later Leningrad, is the second-largest city in Russia after Moscow. It is situated on the River Neva, at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. The city had a population of roughly 5.6 million residents as of 2021, with more than 6.4 million people living in the metropolitan area. Saint Petersburg is the fourth-most populous city in Europe, the most populous city on the Baltic Sea, and the world's northernmost city of more than 1 million residents. As Russia's Imperial capital, and a historically strategic port, it is governed as a federal city.

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